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Architects and Designers

Design is not something you do, it is something you live. Experience a company that has that same passion and commitment for living as you do.


Product selections should be fun and engaging. However too many choices make the process more complicated and time consuming than it needs to be. That is why we developed "SmartPalette™".

54 Exceptional colors, large enough to coordinate with any project yet small enough to provide exceptional value.

With a focused approach on providing the best- selling and most specified colors for both commercial and residential projects we have developed a logical and refined range of hues and patterns that take the pressure and stress out of product selections. Whether you need a neutral for a commercial project or brown hue for a residential project we offer a comprehensive yet manageable selection that allows you to easily coordinate our product with virtually any project, yet limited enough to allow exceptional value and budget friendly selections.

With "SmartPalette™" we can offer large particulate, premium colors priced below the small particulate colors of other leading brands, providing an elegance and sophistication to your project and peace of mind to your client.

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Register your projects and guarantee your product will arrive exactly when you need it.

One of the many benefits of our "SmartPalette™" is the ability to guarantee our Designer partners that they will never hear the words, discontinued, obsolete, dropped or out of stock. Whether your project needs material 6, 12 or 18 months from now we will have it.

Why do we want you to register your larger projects? So that we can make certain that the material you need will be in the closest warehouse when you need it, shipped on time and minimize the distance it needs to travel.

Don't worry we aren't asking you to spend more than a few minutes answering a few basic questions and we'll do the rest. Simple and straightforward.

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The LivingStone® Difference

We are a private, vertically integrated company manufacturing, marketing and distributing solid-surface sheets and sinks.

For most of our careers, the principals of USSW have been involved in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the best-selling solid surface brands. We came to believe that to continue to grow and prosper, the solid surface industry needed fresh thinking. That is why we established LivingStone® in 2007.

With the ever increasing number of colors driving up costs throughout the traditional routes to market we knew that the conventional, multi-step distribution model was outmoded and needed to change. So we built a private, vertically integrated company with leading edge manufacturing capabilities and a streamlined route to market. This allows us to eliminate redundant, non-value added costs and enhance the value proposition of solid surface for our clients.

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LivingStone® Solid Surface Sinks

Nonporous, hygienic, naturally stain and impact resistant

Solid surface sinks are most often permanently seamed into a solid surface countertop becoming part of a continuous surface with no sink lips to trap dirt, mold and mildew. They're nonporous, so germs and odors can't penetrate. And because they are solid, they naturally resist chips, dents, impacts and stains. Available in 3 Colors — Brilliant White, Creamy White and Soft White.


Technical Resource Library

What you need when you need it in one convenient location. If you need anything else just let us know.


  • LEED

    Durable, easy to maintain, and low-emitting LivingStone® solid surface can help your projects achieve LEED® credits and can contribute to your sustainable design goals. The environmental benefits of LivingStone® can help contribute to: MR Credit 1.3 – Building Reuse and MR Credits 3.1 and 3.2 – Materials reuse.

  • GreenGuard®

    LivingStone® solid surface is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified for meeting or exceeding emissions guidelines for VOCs and meets the certification standards of GREENGUARD For Children & Schools.

  • Food Contact / Fire Rating Certification

    LivingStone® is NSF/51 Certified for food contact and has a Class 1 (A) fire rating. Product and color listings can be found at