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Fabricators and Trade

The LivingStone® Difference is more than products and processes. It’s our commitment to our Fabricator Partners to work hard every day to make your experience with us the best in the industry.


54 Exceptional colors, large enough to coordinate with any project yet small enough to provide exceptionalvalue.

Choosing a solid surface material for a project should be fun not overwhelming. That’s why we want to introduce you to the LivingStone® “SmartPalette™” – a refined and logical collection of the best-selling and most popular colors available today. Large enough to coordinate with virtually any project yet small enough to provide exceptional value.

With a focused, streamlined approach for both our color palette and business model, we can deliver large particulate, premium colors which are priced below the small particulate colors of other leading brands. These large particulate and premium colors are what research shows designers refer and they make up more than half of our “SmartPalette™”.


Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Solid Surface

Solid surface sinks are most often permanently seamed into a solid surface countertop becoming part of a continuous surface with no sink lips to trap dirt, mold and mildew. They’re nonporous, so germs and odors can’t penetrate. And because they are solid, they naturally resist chips, dents,impacts and stains.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sinks are durable, easy to clean and featured a brushed finished. All are made from 18 gauge stainless steel and feature undercoating to minimize condensation and sound deadening pads for a quieter kitchen environment. We offer wide selection of styles to suit any taste and budget.

The LivingStone® Difference

We are a private, vertically integrated company manufacturing, marketing and distributing solid-surface sheets and sinks.

For most of our careers, the principals of USSW have been involved in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the best-selling solid surface brands. We came to believe that to continue to grow and prosper, the solid surface industry needed fresh thinking. That is why we established LivingStone® in 2007.

Promotional Support

LivingStone® provide samples and literature at no cost to you. We offer discounts for displays if we believe the investment will yield a return and, additionally, if you are also providing a discount on the labor. Contact Us.


All Inclusive

Yes, our prices for sheets are delivered to your door. There are no hidden fees or additional charges. Our pricing for sinks also includes shipping if they are ordered along with sheet material. If not, shipping for sinks depends on the model and quantity ordered.

Quantity Discounts

If you will be ordering more than 20 sheets at a time, we will provide you a quote regardless of where the materials are being utilized. If we can ship materials directly from our factory to your facility, greater savings are available.

Low Price. High Quality.

First, we are vertically integrated. That means we not only manufacture LivingStone®, but market it and distribute it, too. So no agents or middlemen tack on their costs. Second, we only make the colors that move. Without dozens of slow-sellers to manufacture and inventory, our cost of doing business is lower. Finally, our Korean plant is one of the newest, most technically advanced facilities in the world. In other words, it’s super efficient.


One Size Fits All

We offer one sheet size: 1/2″ x 30″ x 144″.

Prompt Delivery

With our 8 distribution facilities across the U.S. we can ship materials to your door within 2-3 business days. Orders placed before noon can arrive next day in over 80% of the country. Check with us to confirm arrival dates.

Joint Adhesives and Application Guns

We stock Seam-It adhesives by Glue Warehouse that coordinate with LivingStone® colors. You may buy directly from us or from Glue Warehouse if you want to buy in bulk. We do not require you to use Seam-It adhesives.

If you are using Seam-It adhesives, contact Glue Warehouse at (877) 595-4583 (GLUE). They stock guns for the 250 ml adhesives we sell.

Special Orders

Additional Colors are available with minimum order quantities and extended lead times apply.


Getting Setup To Buy

Getting set up to buy has never been easier. All it takes is a few minutes with our on-line system and you’ll be ready. Quick Simple and Secure.

Once submitted, you will have immediate access to the ordering page where you will find your pricelist, operating procedures, credit terms etc.

For LivingStone® Sheets, Sinks and Adhesives

If you are interested in buying LivingStone® sheets, sinks and adhesives, you must talk to a representative before you can set-up an account. To talk to a representative, contact us at (866) 433-2229 or Contact A Rep .


Technical Resource Library

What you need when you need it in one convenient location. If you need anything else just let us know.


  • LEED

    Durable, easy to maintain, and low-emitting LivingStone® solid surface can help your projects achieve LEED® credits and can contribute to your sustainable design goals. The environmental benefits of LivingStone® can help contribute to: MR Credit 1.3 – Building Reuse and MR Credits 3.1 and 3.2 – Materials reuse.

  • GreenGuard®

    LivingStone® solid surface is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified for meeting or exceeding emissions guidelines for VOCs and meets the certification standards of GREENGUARD For Children & Schools.

  • Food Contact / Fire Rating Certification

    LivingStone® is NSF/51 Certified for food contact and has a Class 1 (A) fire rating . Product and color listings can be found at


Register your projects and guarantee your product will arrive exactly when you need it.

Nothing is more frustrating and costly to your business than last minute changes because a color is no longer available or out of stock. Let’s face it with many other brands offering way too many color choices that is happening more frequently than ever before. We want to eliminate that with our CertainSpec™ program.

Register a project over 20 sheets and we will guarantee that the product will be available, even if that project is a year down the road. We can make this offer because our entire “SmartPalette™” offers only the best sellers. We also made it easy to register, a few simple questions and we handle the rest.


Warranty and Registration

Every inch of your LivingStone® Solid Surface is backed by a Limited Transferable Warranty for a full 15 years.

US Surface Warehouse expressly warrants that it will repair or replace, at its option, your new LivingStone® product, free of charge, if it fails due to any defect in the manufacturing of the product during the first 15 years after its initial installation. Also, reasonable and necessary labor charges needed to repair or replace the product are included in this warranty.


This warranty covers all sheet materials, solid-surface sinks and lavatory bowls of LivingStone®.

The LivingStone® warranty excludes damage resulting from improper transportation, fabrication, maintenance, storage or handling of the product purchased.

Damage resulting from exposure to excessive heat, physical or chemical abuse, accidents, misuse and improper installation of the product (including seams) is also excluded under the warranty.

Any LivingStone® product which has been removed from its original installation location is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not provide for product replacement due to dissatisfaction with the color choice during or after installation.

This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and may be transferred or assigned to a new owner of the covered products.

A purchase receipt or proof of the date of original purchase will be required before warranty service is rendered. If transferred, a new warranty registration must be submitted with proof of the original warranty.

A transferred warranty will be valid for the time that remains from the date of the original purchase of the LivingStone® product.

US Surface Warehouse’s obligation under the 15-year warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of a failed product, including reasonable and necessary labor charges. Such repair or replacement, however, shall not include the performance of any other repairs or modifications that may be necessary to achieve the actual repair of replacement of the failed product (for example, any plumbing, electrical, tile or wall surfacing repairs or modifications). Except to the extent stated in this warranty or otherwise required by applicable law, no other express or implied warranties of fitness or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are made by this warranty.

US Surface Warehouse shall not be liable in either tort or contract for any loss or direct, special, consequential, or incidental damages arising out of the use or inability to use LivingStone® products.

The purchaser has specific rights under this warranty. Individual rights may vary from state to state. Some states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or of incidental or consequential damages. Limitations may or may not apply to you.